About Us

Udder Farm Milk Cream & Cheese is a small family owned and operated dairy farm and milk processing business in the Lochinvar area in the Hunter Valley in nsw. We sell our PASTEURISED ONLY milk locally to stores and cafes and resturants .

Luskintyre dairy farmer, New South Wales, Glenn Haines and his family are bringing back old fashioned milk. Mr Haines, his wife Helen and two sons Jamie and Tim all work together at the family dairy on Knockfin Road and all share a love for fresh, non-homogenised milk.

Mr Haines and his family milk their cows twice a day every day and bottle their milk two to three times a week depending on demand.

"If my milk tasted the same as the others on the market there would be no point in me selling it," he said. "But it doesn't, you still have to shake our milk because the sweet cream sits at the top.

Our phone number is 02 4930 6212

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